You never know what kind of problems you’re going to come across at the start of each winter. Salo Home Watch had its fourth save of the season just today. A brand new home. A brand new client. We found a frozen pipe today and we were able to contact the project manager for the home builder. He came right over.  We discussed the situation, verified a frozen pipe and were able to arrange for a resolution within twenty-four hours.

Our clients, away in Asia at the time, would never have been able to do this.

Earlier this year, we discovered a water leak in a brand new home that had partially damaged the kitchen floor.  Without home Watch, this would have gone undetected for more than a month.

We were able to rectify a problem in a home, where the irrigation had frozen and water spewing from the rupture began to flood the basement. We also went into a home to check on its status after contractors had been in there.  We discovered the house was cold. We later determined that the workers had shut off the heat to perform their work, and forgot to turn it back on.

For these reasons and many more, this is why people hire Home Watch companies. If you live on Cape Ann and are in need of Home Watch, give us a call.  Our initial consultation visit is free and there is no obligation.