Cape Ann Home Watch service Salo Home Watch attended NHWA National Conference.We had a great time at the fifth annual NHWA conference. We met some new people and learned some new stuff. One of the attendees at the conference told us that it was great to see someone with many years of home watch experience and several years involvement with the NHWA, attending and giving back to the association.  This was a very nice compliment.

We came home late Thursday night and we were back checking Client homes on Friday. This is the time of year when Home Watch gets very busy in this area of the country.  If there are any people in the Cape Ann area thinking about hiring a home Watch company, give us a call.

Salo Home Watch LLC has been serving the Cape Ann area since 2009. We are the only Home Watch company in the area that is properly licensed, bonded, insured and nationally accredited. It is never a good idea to have your neighbor, your plumber, or nephew look after your home.  All these folks, though well intentioned, are not properly prepared to Watch your home. What is your recourse as a home owner, if they fail to perform?

Home Watch is important year round on Cape Ann.  It was in late July of this year that we came upon a home with a water leak, which turned out to be coming from an outdoor shower.  Just in a few days, damage was done to new hardwood floors.  Imagine if this leak had gone unnoticed for several weeks, or months.  Herein lies the importance of hiring a professional Home Watch company.

As you consider leaving for your winter home in warmer climates, you have a check list of things to do before you leave.  Add to that list to call Salo Home Watch. You’ll be glad you did.