Well, you’re wintering in Florida and you’re watching the Weather Channel, or some other broadcast. The news says there’s a major storm going on in New England.   But what’s really happening?  How bad is it?  It is hard to know what is actually happening from far away. There’s nothing like “boots on the ground.”

We had a client one time who was in Europe and they were watching the weather channel. The media was hyping up a storm. Our clients became worried about their home. They called Salo Home Watch, to inquire about their home. How’s our home?  Have you been there today?  We told them we had not been at their home that day, but that their home was fine. How do you know it’s fine, if you have not been there?, they asked. We told them that the weather was not bad. They insisted that we go check on their home right at that moment. They were actually angry about this on the phone.

So we drove under gray skies and light winds to their home, and we checked it out  Everything was fine.  We knew it would be.  You see, we knew the actual conditions at the time.  We had boots on the ground.  Our clients paid for an extra visit that was not necessary.

When we consult with new clients, we talk about severe weather.  We tell them, that when it comes to severe weather, we make the determination of what is severe, or when conditions are serious.  You just can’t tell from afar, no matter what they say on television, or radio.

We live here  We know here.  We follow the weather daily.  We don’t hype it up.  We report just the facts.