Most of us know that it is not good for a car to sit unused for months, or years at a time. When this happens, the tires go flat.  The battery loses its charge.  Mice and other animals feel free to make it their home.  In short the car will fail to work for you because it has been neglected.

Homes react the same way to neglect. If you leave your home vacant for several months, or years at a time, it will definitely start showing signs of neglect.  Animals will find there way inside.  Pipes will leak.  Heating systems will fail.  It will attract unwanted attention from passers by, or others with nefarious intentions.

Mail, flyers and newspapers will pile up.  Shrubs will become overgrown. Storms may have toppled trees on the property, or ripped off roofing shingles, or siding.  All these things and more, can happen, have happened and will happen again. The ravages of neglect do not discriminate. All vacant homes, no matter what the price, are susceptible. In 2015 I saw this first hand in Atlantic City, NJ.  On the northern end of the famed board walk stood an abandoned 50 story high rise.  Built on promise and with high hopes, it now stood as an eye sore.  The once ornate entrance sported a variation of weeds coming up through its granite and marble patio.  The pool was partially full of stagnant green water.  It’s only going to get worse for this building from this point onward.

The point to understand, is that homes, and buildings need attention.  If you can’t be in your home, you need to have someone to be there for you.  You need to hire a professional Home Watch service.  When considering who to hire for this purpose, you should start by connecting with the National Home Watch Association.  This organization, based in the USA, can tell you which Home Watch companies are properly licensed, bonded, and nsured and which have been vetted.

So, if your home is vacant, your two choices are:  leave it vacant and take a chance, or hire a professional Home Watch service. Choice one produces anxiety and sleepless nights.  The second choice provides peace of mind.  It’s up to you.