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Salo Home Watch proudly serves Cape Ann and most of the North Shore in Massachusetts, including Rockport, Gloucester, Essex, and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

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Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Do you go away for the winter leaving your home unoccupied for several months a year? Have you ever gone away for a two-week vacation and worried, because there was no one to check on your home? Have you transferred out of state for a period of time, causing you to leave your home vacant? Do you have a rental home sitting unoccupied waiting for a renter? Is your home sitting vacant, waiting to sell?

Don’t impose upon a neighbor, or your plumber to check on your home during your absence. They are too busy to do this for you, and quite frankly, they are not licensed to perform this service. For whatever reason, or for whatever period of time your home may be unoccupied or vacant, we recommend you hire only a licensed, professional home watch company to act as an extra pair of eyes when you cannot be there yourself.

Why Hire an NHWA Accredited Home Watch Company?

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“Thank you so very much for another season of, “No worries!” With you checking in on the house. I cringe when I think of pre-Salo (Home) Watch winters and driving back and forth every time the temperature dipped.”

Colleen H.

“Thanks Dana. You and Alison do a great job!”

Jill & Dave

“Thanks for all your efforts. Especially rescuing Dale and me with a key when we returned.”

Curtis G.

“Thank you so much for your care of our home and us! You went above and beyond. We appreciate it greatly. Hopefully, God willing, we will be using your company again next year.”

Lisa & Lewis

Unoccupied homes are the breeding ground for problems. Winter weather, including extreme cold, severe winds, and heavy snow, along with flooding, burst pipes, vandalism, home burglaries, and animal intrusion occur each winter here on Cape Ann. Going away for the summer? We have you covered then too. Salo Home Watch can discover, respond, and resolve such incidents much earlier than an absentee homeowner and before they become major headaches. We are a growing company here on Cape Ann and we have been able to help area homeowners with their unoccupied and vacant homes by providing excellent, friendly service, and great peace of mind. If you want peace of mind, we recommend Salo Home Watch.

Salo Home Watch LLC is a professionally licensed, bonded and insured home watch company, serving Cape Ann in Massachusetts.

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