Salo Home Watch is proud of the relationships we’ve built with our clients on Cape Ann. Here are some testimonials from our happy clients. For more references and information Contact Us Today!

Salo Home Watch service is professional, efficient and trustworthy. It provides tremendous peace of mind to know our home is being reliably checked, and any issues that arise are promptly resolved. I highly recommend their services.

Linda S.

“Thank you so very much for another season of, “No worries!” With you checking in on the house. I cringe when I think of pre-Salo (Home) Watch winters and driving back and forth every time the temperature dipped.”

Colleen H.

“Thanks Dana. You and Alison do a great job!”

Jill & Dave

“Thanks for all your efforts. Especially rescuing Dale and me with a key when we returned.”

Curtis G.

“Thank you so much for your care of our home and us! You went above and beyond. We appreciate it greatly. Hopefully, God willing, we will be using your company again next year.”

Lisa & Lewis

“Since we hired Salo Home Watch to look after our home, we have had much less stress while away! We know that they will look after all the aspects of our house, and are also able to supervise any repairs that might come up unexpectedly. A truly professional service. Highly recommended!”
Rick and Alison

Dana was always prompt in replying to me and he acted upon each request with efficiency and precision. I knew I could always trust him. Also, I knew that Dana watched my home with professional care and concern. Dana is honest, dependable and most reliable. I highly recommend Dana Salo and Salo Home Watch for outstanding, trustworthy and reliable service.

This winter was the first time we have left our home in Rockport for more than a week or so. This time we were gone for 6 months. Salo Watch did a great job watching over our home and keeping us informed on a weekly basis. We felt very confident with them in charge. We will use them again and would recommend them to anyone.

This was our first winter as snow birds, leaving our house in Rockport for four weeks. Knowing that Dana was checking our house gave us great peace of mind. He is an excellent communicator via email, and he even sent a photo of my spring bulbs! Now that’s extraordinary service!
John & Barbara – Rockport, MA

When we relocated from Boxford, MA to the west coast, we were very concerned with leaving our house unoccupied until it sold, especially with Winter just around the corner. We contracted Salo Homewatch to keep an eye on our property, and I can honestly say this was the best decision we could have made. Dana’s professionalism and integrity are above reproach, and he really put our minds at ease throughout our relocation and remote sale of our property. I highly recommend Salo Homewatch to anyone who needs peace of mind when they are away from their home, be it a weekend trip or a coast to coast move like us. Thank you, Dana!
Eric and Sue VB – Boxford, MA

A friendly, helpful, competent service for your home for when you are away from home. Keep it up! We appreciate the peace of mind.
EM Ackerman

The care we receive from Salo Home Watch is impeccable thanks to owner, Dana Salo. Dana is smart, watchful, and attentive. He thinks on his feet, communicates regularly, and pays tremendous attention to the details necessary to protect and maintain our Rockport home. To give you an example-we know when the lawn needs mowing and which light bulbs have burned out and replaced. We are lucky and thankful to be using Salo Home Watch.
Joan and Thom, Enthusiastic Customers

Dana’s home watch has been a blessing to us. We have known Dana for his many years as a faithful letter carrier and we have full confidence that he will take good care of our family cottage while we are in Missouri for seven months of the year. He is thorough in his inspections, and he alerts us when anything untoward has happened, and he has been able to do storm-related repairs as needed.
Garie and Ken Perry – St. Louis, MO

Our First Worry Free Winter in 30 Years. As summer residents of Rockport since 1981, we always wondered what would await us when we opened up the house each spring. Over the years we experienced several surprises: a tree fell in the yard, there were several plumbing issues, not to mention a family of raccoons and squirrels that moved into our attic once we vacated one fall. All that changed this year when we hired Salo Home Watch. We have known Dana Salo for 30 years and contracted with him as soon as we heard about his residential services. This year, unscheduled trips to Rockport in the middle of winter were handled for us, and always with great care. We enthusiastically recommend Salo Home Watch.
David and Barbara R. – Boston, MA

Dana Salo offers the most conscientious and trustworthy service I know. We highly recommend him without reservation.
Robert and Bonnie B. – Swansea, MA

Our home on Cape Ann is seasonal, so we were often concerned about leaks, power outages or other damage during the winter months. Dana Salo is professional, reliable, thorough and knowledgeable about structures and systems. Salo Home Watch has given us great peace of mind.
Colleen H. – Winchester, MA

Salo Home Watch LLC is a professionally licensed, bonded and insured home watch company, serving Cape Ann in Massachusetts.