A slithering save

As they say in the business, “You never know.” We went to a client home and immediately knew there was a problem, because it was cold in the home. The thermostats were all set to 62°, but it was 42° in the home. We could not get the furnace going with the reset button, so we called the clients heating technicians and made arrangements for them to come out. Upon further investigation in the basement, we found a three foot long Milk snake, still alive, stuck in a glue trap that was intended for rodents.

We were able to free the snake from the trap, but it took two people. We called the local city animal control.  They informed us that they do not deal with wildlife. However, they referred us to a local snake man. We contacted him and made arrangements to have him pick up the snake. Unusual?  Yes, somewhat.  But this was made more unusual because it’s the last week of December, and it’s New England. So the best we can figure is, at some point in the late fall, the snake came inside the home to get warm. It found warmth in the boiler room. When the furnace went out, the snake lost its warmth. And, at some point it, it got stuck in a glue trap.  There it laid helpless, until we arrived. The snake found a safe and warm home. The heat to the home was restored after a minor repair.  So here we have another home watch happy ending.