I was very humbled to receive the first National Home Watch Association Hall of Fame Award at their annual conference in Clearwater Beach Florida in 2022. Many people know me and they know that I like to talk. However, I am speechless. I want to thank the NHWA Advisory Board, not only for their selection of myself for this award, but for their tireless efforts in promoting the home watch industry and for always looking out for what is just and righteous in our industry.

I have worked with these people in the past. They are selfless and entirely guided by a moral compass that is second to none. Discussions are had   Debates are held and middle ground is met. The result for everyone in the industry, is a well thought out and intelligently formed decision on a myriad of topics. I am proud to have been a part of the NHWA Board of Advisors.  These people are truly selfless givers and it is my hope that some day they are properly recognized for being the industry leaders that they are.