Salo Home Watch now has a value added service to offer to its clients.  We are now using a new product from a company named HouseSetter. They developed a product called Sherlock. Sherlock is a small statute of a dog that monitors a home’s temperature and humidity and alerts when there is a power outage.  It will also send weekly trend reports for up to four email addresses. In addition, alerts can be sent to up to four cell phone numbers.

Sherlock also has a camera and will take a photo with its report.  Wherever you point Sherlock, will determine what is photographed.

We have purchased three Sherlocks and have placed them in client homes.  As soon as they are plugged in, they are on the job.  The neat thing about this product, is that it does not need a phone line, or a wireless network.  It operates on its own Verizon network.  If the power should go out, it operates on a back up battery that will last for at least three days.

As your home Watch provider we can get on demand reports from Sherlock, wherever he may be located. We are looking forward to using Sherlock to help us with our efforts to protect your home. Although we cannot guarantee to catch everything before it happens in your home, Sherlock will be a great added benefit.

We have noticed that some insurance companies are now starting to require that policy holders provide some kind of monitoring device for their vacant homes when they are not there.  It will not be too long,  efore this is an industry wide requirement.

If you are a client of Salo Home Watch and you’d like to talk about having Sherlock in your home,  give us a call. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions, and show you how easy and affordable, home monitoring can be.